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If you are looking for a smooth running and well optimized CSGO cheat including all popular features such as Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack, Triggerbot, Bunnyhop, etc. and do not to remain undetected, then you found the best CSGO cheat for yourself here. Buy the best Private undetected CSGO cheats now and instantly improve your game.

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What are CSGO cheats?

Generally speaking, a CSGO cheat or what is also considered to be a CSGO hack is a piece of software designed to give an advantage over the other players and opponents to a player who uses it. The terms sums up a lot of different features which are explained here.

Since ancient times, when the great CSGO was at the peak of popularity, a feature like AimBot appeared in private cheats for CSGO. Initially, all she could do was randomly and without delay shoot precisely at the heads of opponents, blowing their brains in a matter of seconds. But time passed, the cheats progressed, and the flexibility of Aimbot increased. At the moment, best CSGO AimBot may include detailed work settings. For example, you can set a delay before a shot or a delay in triggering after killing one enemy. But that’s not all, there is also a FOV setting – Aimbot’s capture radius. The higher the FOV, the more opponents the cheat will capture. The radius is counted from the middle of the sight. And for a smoother aiming, the Smooth parameter is used, the value of which affects the degree of smoothness of the aiming of the sight on the selected Bone (body part: head, neck, torso).
ESP is short for extrasensory perception and sums up all the features of best private CSGO cheats which allow users of the CSGO hack to access information about players which is usually hidden from the player. This includes knowing the position, health, weapons, etc. about toher players and the opponent team. A lot of times ESP includes a so called CSGO Wallhack or Chams. These usually allow the user to see the other players through the walls giving the player with the best CSGO cheats an advantage above the other players. There are many different tyoes if CSGO ESP. It can be simple boxes visible through the walls but it can also be CSGO Glow hack visualizing the outline of a player model trough the wall. The CSGO Glow ESP is considered to be the most precise version and is included in this CSGO Private Cheat. Another option is Health ESP. The health ESP will allow the user to know how much health the opponents have. Based on this information he can precisely choose the weapons against the player (grenades, pistols or primary weapons).

Best CSGO Aimbot

You can switch the CSGO aimbot on and off very fast on the fly.

You can precisely determine which aimspot the CSGO aimbot should aim at.

You can easily and freely customize the speed of the aimbot to suite your likings.

You can set the Field of View for the aimbot in order to limit the visibility of your targetselection area.

You can assign individual keys you like to hold to use the aimbot for the different weapons.

You can choose to only let the aimbot see spotted enemies and aim only at them.

You can enable the calculation of movement so that the aimbot will predict where a target and you are moving to increase precision.

You can enable smooth aimbot to make it look legit and human like.

You can enable and configure the recoil control system of the aimbot to compensate recoil.

We are working hard on improving how our CSGO aimbot functions making sure you can customize it as you desire.
Janet Morris
Client Service - Minio


You can switch the ESP on and off on the fly via hotkey.

In case you want to disable ESP completely, you can do so in your configuration file.

Our ESP will show you information about the enemy (Glow, Box, Health, through walls aka Wallhacks, etc.).

Our ESP will show you information about the team (through walls aka Wallhacks)

Using our ESP you can see the health status of the other player.

Our ESP features can be completely hidden from streaming and recording software.

Boxes will be visible through the walls.

A dynamic crosshair will appear on your screen indicating where the bullets and shots will got as you shoot.

The ESP can be used as overlay which means it does not change the game process.

The ESP is a big part of our software, we optimize it and have managed to allow users to hide it from recording software.
Keith Marshall
Developer - Minio

Even more of the best features


  • Radar Enemy
  • Radar Bomb C4


  • Bunnyhop On/Off Switch
  • Bunnyhop Moving Only


  • VAC
  • SMAC
  • FaceIt SSAC
  • AES Encryption
  • HWID authentication
  • License Keys
  • Login/Logoff Log


  • Triggerbot On/Off Switch
  • Triggerbot Delay
  • Triggerbot Key
  • Random Aftershot delay


  • Beep On Load On/Off
  • Custom/Hidden Load Messages (for streaming or LAN)
  • Multithreading
  • Disable/Enable threads in config
In more than four years of experience we have managed to focus on the features users love and enjoy the most removing all unneeded parts of the software enabling optimized and improved performance.
Janet Morris
Client Service - Minio

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This CSGO cheat is

What is CSGO?

CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is a multiplayer game in the genre of team “first-person shooter” – the player perceives the world through the eyes of his character, and the main emphasis is on fighting with the use of weapons. CSGO appeared at the very beginning of the zero, being created on the game engine of the popular single-player game Half-Life, several versions have since been released that have made significant changes to the rules, process, and appearance of the game.
The plot is based on a confrontation between two parties – terrorists and police, who are usually called “counterterrorists” in the game. Teams take turns playing for both. The main difference is that one of the terrorists has a C4 bomb, which it is advisable to put in certain places on the game map. Accordingly, the “counterterrorists” defend these places.

The most important role is played by tactics – both individual and team (distribution of weapons and responsibilities of players, collective attack or defense of the territory).

The game uses many famous types of firearms – from various pistols, machine guns and rifles to shotguns, machine guns and, of course, sniper rifles (the most famous is AWP, it is also an “elephant” or “elephant”) with the ability to use an optical sight.

Weapons differ in lethal force, rate of fire and price. Some weapons are more popular among players than others. If a player dies in a round, the weapon must be bought again. Those who survived retain their weapons for the next round. Weapons can be picked up from the body of a murdered comrade or enemy, as well as transferred to a partner.

There are restrictions on the number of weapons. You can carry only one type of pistol and one type of main weapon. You can also buy combat, blinding and smoke grenades, body armor and helmets (they allow you to hold out longer after you hit).

In the very first round, for each side, the players of both teams have $ 800, a pistol, and also a knife, which is always the default. The minimum cost of any weapon, except for a standard pistol, is from $ 900.

Most of the key actions in the game bring virtual money to every cybersportsman to buy weapons for. “Paid” installation and bombing, winning rounds, killing the enemy. In addition, the game pays for the lost rounds so that there is not too much gap between the team that leads the score and the team that gives way. For the murder of a teammate they write a fine (minus $ 300).

The maximum amount of money per player is 16 thousand dollars.

The game is a personal count of murders committed. In addition, in the modern version of the game, “assists” are also taken into account – decisive injuries, after which the enemy can simply finish off.

Among players, spectacular killings are appreciated – thanks to instant reaction, somewhat in a row (and especially if the player was left alone against a group of opponents), in difficult game situations, through walls and doors (the game has the ability to “shoot through” a number of objects and parts of the map). A separate mention deserves a “headshot” – an accurate shot in the head, which can result in instant death of the opponent or inflicts very serious damage on him. It’s considered to stab the opponent’s humiliation with a knife.

You cannot be treated in the game. Bleeding is also impossible – the wound affects the number of “lives” (health) of the player, but does not entail aggravating consequences.

In tournaments, the game is played until victory on one, two or three cards, depending on the rules of the competition and its stage. At first, both teams “delete” the cards from the list available in the competitive mode (@Train, @Cobblestone, @Mirage, @Overpass, @Cache, @Inferno, @Nuke), until there is an amount determined by the organizers.

Each map has its own landscape features. Let’s say there are trains on the Train map.

The team that won 16 rounds first wins the map. For the first side, teams play 15 rounds, after which there is a change of sides.

Each round lasts 1 minute 45 seconds – or 40 seconds after C4 is installed. Demining a bomb lasts 10 seconds without a sapper kit or 5 seconds with a sapper kit (it can be purchased).

The victory in the round is awarded to terrorists either by detonating the C4 bomb, or after eliminating all opponents.

Counterterrorists (“counters”) win in three cases: after clearing C4, after eliminating all opponents before installing C4, and also after the end of the round in which C4 was not set.